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7 Best PUBG Mobile Hack Cheat Codes and javaScripts

In this article, I'm going to show you all of the PUBG mobile hackers that pubg mobile hackers use to cheat, along with their ramifications and why you shouldn't use hacks if you like the game.
PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle Royal games to date, and no one in the game industry can follow it.
Players do their best to win the match with their skills, but some players (hackers) cheat to win the match.
They add a few scripts to the game that allow them to do certain things that other players cannot do.
These scripts trigger certain commands which help the player (pirate) to obtain superheroes as powers.
Some of the most injected scripts are wall hijacking, drone, ESP, high jump and more

PUBG Mobile Hack

Most players cannot die in the game because they can easily identify and kill you, even if you are far from them.
Streamers are the most affected by players who hack the game.
Recently, Dynamo Gaming & Mortal (the same popular creator of the Indian game) met a pirate who killed them from afar with a headshot.
Even some streamers like POOJA, Rowdy Gaming, etc. were caught red-handed in the live stream for use in hacking games.
The number of players hacking the PUBG Mobile game is increasing rapidly. According to the report, 21% of players hacked the game to win it.
The video hacking above is pretty good, but in the next video, the hacker inserted so many scripts that you didn't think it would be possible in the game.
PUBG Mobile All Hack
All hackers on PUBG Mobile are listed below with the correct explanation of each hack and can be viewed in the video clips above.

PUBG mobile hacking list: -

Wall hack
Speed ​​hack
big jump
Flying vehicles
Submarine shooting
Automatic head shot (magic shot)
There were no setbacks
Let's talk about all of the PUBG Mobile Hacks in the details listed above in the post.

1. PUBG mobile wall hack
Wallhack is one of the most commonly used hackers by hackers because it is easy to write and the PUBG mobile cheat system finds it less suspicious.
In Wallhack, a player (hacker) can see other players through walls, houses or other covers, and not only that player (hacker) can kill other players through the wall or other cover.

2. PUBG Mobile Speed ​​Hack
Speed ​​Hack accelerates vehicles and moves quickly. It also speeds up player movements.

This hack breaks all vehicle speed limits and helps speed up the vehicle. The hacker must stop it to regain control of the vehicle.

Although not all vehicles can accelerate the hacking speed, as motorcycles, when struck by objects such as walls, trees, etc., result in the death or loss of much of the player health.

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3. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack
As the name suggests, Aimbot

Most mobile hackers in the pub use the Aimbot hack to perfectly align enemies or quickly align the crosshair with enemies.

Players (hackers) can easily kill enemies from a distance with headshots. Aimbot helps in both close combat and extended combat.

Although the hacker using Aimbot can easily be killed if discovered and killed early without knowing it.

However, the possibilities are very slim since hackers mostly use ESP hacks with Aimbot. Therefore, the chances that you can kill them are very slim.

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4. PUBG Mobile ESP Hack
You may have heard of ESP hacking for the first time. With ESP, the player (hacker) can easily find you on the map and easily get your current position on the map.
There are two types of location hacks, a radar hack and an ESP hack.

In the radar hack, the player (hacker) runs a script where he can see all the loot (vest, weapon, helmet, etc.) on the map.

Radar hacking is mainly used by PUBG hackers, but in some cases PUBG mobile hackers also use it.
However, in ESP, the player can see the current position of the entire player in the game with their names. This allows the hacker to easily kill enemies.

5. PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack
One of the best hackers that a player (hacker) uses is close combat. With a high jump hack, the player (hacker) has the possibility to jump very high objects or to climb in the game.

A player can easily hide enemy ammunition with high jumps and easily kill enemies by jumping.

PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack
PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack
The high jump hack also works on vehicles. Yes, you can hear it. You can jump your vehicles using Jumping Hack.

Hackers don't have to worry about obstacles or water, they just need to activate the jump hack and can move around the map easily.

6. Hacking of PUBG mobile flying vehicles
Do you think flying vehicles can be hacked in PUBG Mobile?

Otherwise, you are mistaken. It is possible to hack flying vehicles with PUBG Mobile.

This hack is different from the high jump hack on PUBG Mobile. With Flying Vehicles Hack, you can let your vehicles fly or hover in the air instead of jumping on your vehicles.

PUBG mobile flying vehicle hacking

Flying vehicles can be hacked with PUBG Mobile, but they are rarely used by hackers, as other players can easily report hackers if they notice the hijacking of flying vehicles.

7. PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack
In the underwater hack, the player (hacker) can shoot enemies, recover health packs, painkillers, etc. with them while staying underwater.

Therefore, the chances of winning the match increase slightly as most of the final areas end near the bridge.

Camping on the deck can also be easily broken down as pirates have the ability to easily shoot players on the deck

PUBG mobile underwater hacking

Since you can shoot or locate enemies using the underwater hack, it is very difficult to find and kill them.

Even the hack is dangerous because other players can easily catch it and they can easily report the hacker.

PUBG (Magic Kill) moving head auto hacking

Have you ever noticed that a player always kills other enemies with 100% fire? Thus, players use the automatic headshot hack in the background.

Most often, it is the most common hack used by mobile hackers to shoot other headshots in pubs. Prefer hacking at once because it is one of the safest hacks that should be implemented in the game.

You can easily tell if the player is using the automatic headshot hack or not just by looking at their gameplay.

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 PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

Have you ever used the M762 with a 6x telescopic sight or a 4x telescopic sight for long distances? You will then understand what the recession is all about.

It is very difficult to control the recovery of certain weapons such as AKM, Groza, M762, etc.
However, there is a hack called No Recoil Hack, in which a hacker can easily control the continuous spraying of pistols while firing.
PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack is the most common hack that hackers can use to easily control their weapons, but other players can easily see them as they can watch the hacker and report it easily.
Consequences of PUBG Mobile Hack
The PUBG mobile hacking report is increasing daily. PUBG Mobile officially declares that it sends close to 1,000 reports of assault attacks daily.
This is why they have improved their heating system which has seen hacking games.
In addition, if mobile pub hackers are caught by the fraud system, they will be blocked for 10 years.Their ID will be blocked and they will be not given access to the game anymore from that account for 10 years span.
For this reason, you are not allowed to hack into PUBG Mobile.

I also tried to hack into the game, but I was caught by the cheating system and my identity was blocked for 10 years.

I think I have covered all the possible hacking in PUBG Mobile. If you think I forgot some of the hacks, feel free to comment below and I'll add them to the list.
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